Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ini dia suara Uthmaniah_Forum Ekonomi Davos

Suara Seorang Turki Uthmaniah _ saksikan video dibawah

Full english translation of his talk.........
The following is the complete text of Erdogan's outburst during the session:
"Mr. Peres, you are a senior citizen and you speak in a loud voice. I feel that your raised voice is due to the guilt you feel.

"But be sure that my voice will not be raised as yours,"

"When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill,"

"I know very well how you hit and killed children on beaches."

"In your country there are two former prime ministers whose comments on Gaza are important for me."

"You had prime ministers who said: We relish the opportunity to enter the Palestinian lands on tanks."

"You talk to me with numbers. I am willing to name these people and among you there may be people who are longing to know who they are."

"I condemn those who clap for these atrocities, because I think that cheering the murderers of children and humans is in its kind a crime against humanity."

"Pay attention please, we can't disregard this fact."

"I have made notes of Mr. Peres's speech but I have not the time to answer all of them now."

(The moderator tries to stop the Prime Minster.)

"Let me finish"

"I will only touch on two points"

"First, the sixth of the Ten Commandments in the Torah says "You shall not kill" but in Palestine people are killed."

"And second, which is a very interesting issue; Gilad Atzmon [a Jew himself], says Israeli barbarity is far beyond any usual cruelty."

Aside from this, Avi Shlaim, Professor of Oxford who performed his military duty in the Israeli army says in the Guardian that Israel has become "a rogue state."

(The Moderator tries to interrupt the Prime Minister, with hand gestures and physical contact. Erdogan has a sudden flush of anger and turns to the moderator)

"I thank you so much I thank you, too. From now on, Davos is done for me. I will not attend Davos again. You don't let me speak."

"(Pointing to Peres) He spoke for 25 minutes, but you only let me speak for 12 minutes. This is not acceptable."

Erdogan picks up his notes and without looking at Peres and Ban Ki-moon leaves the session.

On his way out, the Arab League Secretary-General, Amr Mousa, stands up and appreciative of Erdogan's move shakes hands with him. (Dipetik di Youtube.com)

Tak sedarkah lagi pemimpin Arab???
Astaghfirullahal adzim....

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